About the Artist

Alfredo Zavala is a biologist (Ph.D. in ecology) and painter who works with environmental issues (management of natural areas, conservation of marine mammals and their interactions with fisheries). In 2010, he started his practice of drawing and painting, and in 2011 he joined the Center Artistic Residencies and Research (CRIA) and studied under Master Hector Herrera. His paintings document and capture the essence of the life of fishermen, as well as the diversity of the flora and fauna of the central desert of the peninsula, coasts and islands of Baja California.

He has displayed his work in several solo and group exhibitions in different parts of Ensenada, and recently in San Diego, CA.

He currently works at CRIA/Gallery Petanque, and is one of the coordinators of the monthly Art Walk in Ensenada. He teaches painting at CRIA, ProArte School and the House of Legal Culture of Ensenada (la Casa de la Cultura Jurídica de Ensenada).